That parent!


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I voiced my opinion tonight, very much told him how things should be!

I'm sure were both right aswell as being both wrong as most aguments go and in typical form I apologised because he had a better excuse than me.

Anytime I get fired-up, maybe my reasoning is correct but the way I handle it lets me down.

This happened at my sons aussie rules football club, and I fear I will be known as "that parent, so now all I can think of is to make my-self scarce and I worry that any further conversation will be seen as me complaining.
Hey man.. don't beat yourself up.. I'm sure you meant very well. Arguments happen. I hope you won't take it to heart. Most people are too busy with their own stuff to remember most incidents for long unless it's *really* important to them.


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I guess he knew there was trouble brewing from all the small talk from parents around him, just I don't like to go behind peoples backs.

He's not a bad guy and because of his position he's going to upset some people-- and I was one of those people who NEEDS to get my issues out.

Like I said he knew it was coming and me threatening to flipping his desk over with ring in his ears for a while.

I did also email him when I calmed down, but still fear the title.