Meeting someone with Avpd


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I'm keeping thinking how great it would be to meet someone with Avpd.
Apart from overanalizing and mistrust games you could play in your head, it would be like meeting a close brother or sister.
One game to avoid is hide and seek- mmm not much seeking just hiding

I read most of the posts and threads and apart from the user name, it's like I wrote it.... and edited it.. and edited.
Do you think the Preview post button should be in tripicate.....and wheres the spell check:rolleyes:

Were so different but completely alike, I just feel how great it would be another person with the same fears, thoughts, achievements.
Heres the avpd cutting in.... I'm at it's mersy too, thou I joke - safety with humor, make you like me....usuall drill.

Oh yeah, my question have you met someone just like me or you face to face?
Honestly, nobody's that similar. Not to me anyway. I've met people with social anxiety, not sure if they had AvPD, and it's not that great -- still lots of fear, still lots of differences and misunderstanding.


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I actually have in a way, the kind of person I know of rather than know per se, but yeah I'm sure he's also avoidant\schizoid too. Nice to know that someone like me does exist in the real world rather than just on a computer screen.