A good, good bye


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Well, it's my turn to say goodbye.

Today this leaving is my reward for controlling Avoidance.
It took awhile for things to finally make sence and with these understanding's I was able to dig myself out of a 33 year hole.

Two people on here I have helped out and watched grow to success.
I read a post from one of my friends today and see that she is on here way to success so I can leave knowing that she can support herself and others care about her from the responces

SPW has been like a true family- where you love and support each other and where you would be concerned about your families health aswell as share a laugh.

So I cannot say good bye to my family for ever and will stop by from time to time.

I wish you all a safe and happy holidays


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Hey it is always good to see a story end well. I for one think that it is good you don't need us anymore. But you should come back from time time, and let us know how things are going, if you have the time.:D:D:D:D


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Too bad for leaving, but it's the best for you. I guess. ::p:

You too, happy holidays ! :)
Congrats on being able to control Avoidance. Always good to see someone achieving something positive in their lives with these problems.:cool:

Happy holidays to you too, and good luck with the future.:)