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  • Thanks for posting a reply on my thread. :)

    Here's a link to a song that I find to be enjoyable and uplifting:

    Benny Benassi ft. Gary Go - Cinema (Cover Art) - YouTube
    hiiii :) .. i like your advise on threads!

    I am curious do you have SA, since you give good advise.. if so, what is holding you back ?
    Happy antiValentine's Day! :) Wishing you interesting days, making progress in all areas, awesome friendships and little sparkles of sunshine!!
    oh, they are pretty funny. Seems odd. The one time I decide to drop all the shell and wham! Ack. That felt unnecessary.
    Actually the guys told me they put an sks or, I forget, into the ground where I fell and put my Rrrusky hat on top of it. Ha. Somebody's got a picture of it. I want to see it.
    Hi, thought this was too short to post on the thread but, no you didn't affend me.
    I just completely forgot what my points were. Is was a fairly long problem LOL
    No worries.
    Sounds like you've noticed controlling avoidances, and the anger slowly subsides.
    Anger is just a by-product of Avpd.

    Taking longer is positive, you know that built in clock spending too much time at something and then the anxiety and avoidance firing you up, If time doesn't seem to matter your making leaps and bounds.

    I don't know about your waldrobe but go for the full re-invention... feel good on the outside maybe that's your next step.
    The go is good so far. Sometimes avoidance still has good points. Takes a bit longer but it gets done. Anger still there but less. Found a great stress reliever. Yourself?
    Trying my best, trying and learning.

    Kinda cool re-learning about life... sick I know, But we have to recondition our thoughts to get out of this hole.

    Hows the progress?
    Why the the hard questions.....ha!
    Yeah good, though feel if I'm not going forward or back-stuck in the middle.
    I'm seeing my psych tomorrow, she should be able to fire me up.
    Need to go out on a limb!
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