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Hi everyone.
I have written and rewritten this first thread cant get it out right.
So forgive me but i will put something down as part of the recovery.
I found out last week that I have Avoidance personality disorder which believe it or not I was extremelly happy to know.

I have lived with isolation for 32 years and I couldn't work out why, just didn't understand my actions or behaviour. I am married 15 years but thats on the rocks and has been for sometime.
After finding out about AVPD it finally gave means to a end, finally found out what makes me tick.
I still have 20 doors in front of me but one door is open that I can walk down make mistakes and know why.

I have emailed 3 friends who have been concerned about me, but I was enable to let them in. I have told them as much as possible so now apart from the doctor I can talk to them.
Yes I'm still on a high as you can tell, and when I start to mix in the real world I will be put to the test. I read a few threads and it's amazing and refreshing that I haven't met you all but understand everything you say and do. While the road to recovery is full of holes I'm ready so look out!