Trouble seeing


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So some time I have trouble seeing. My eye will get blurry and other time my eyes will strain I will keep blinking a lot. Most of the time when I am relax and at home I can see just fine. I look this up and find out that this is just anther side effect of anxiety. I wanted to be able to drive for along time now but could not because of this health concern. I find out that this has to do with the way oxygen flow in our body.

One time something that scared me really bad was when I was riding a bike and all of a sudden everything just went black on me. I stop and got off my bike and had no idea where I was everything was black I could not see I felt as though I was going to die. I sit down some where with no one around still not be able to see a thing. after a few mins pass me by my eyes came back to me and then I was able to get back on my bike and keep going. That day I remember I was working my bike really hard I was going up steep hills and breathing really hard.

does anybody else hear every have trouble with seeing when you are having a panic attack ?


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I find that I have trouble hearing, everything goes dead silent and then all I can hear for a few seconds to minutes is the blood pounding in my ears. I dont think my vision has ever gone black from anxiety but it does go out of focus or its like my mind cant actually process what Im seeing, things are there but I cant quite process it.