should I buy a computer ?


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should I buy a computer ?

Hello everyone I know this is way off topic for this forum. But I am having a very weird problem that I been thinking none stop for days Now. would buying a computer be worth it or not. I am hoping on starting a 3d scaning and 3d puppetry. As seen in this YouTube video '3D Puppetry: A Kinect-based Interface for 3D Animation' This video has been on my mind every since I seen it. It look cool like you could basically make a 3d cartoon just by playing with action figures the problem is that the movement is kind of stiff and I would have to add more movement to face and hair and stuff like that. A program where you add extra animation to keyboard does not exists yet. At lest I am not aware of.

the trouble come when you see what kind of computer you must have to make it all work out. you can not use a AMD CPU you must have a NVIDIA GPU. this make it cost very high a very high cost for something that I am not sure if it will work out or not. My head is full of all kinds of worries like what if I buy and waste a bunch of money on something that I try once and it does not work out for me My plan turn out to be to hard for me to understand. I feel I should have more reason before buying a computer that cost this much. I also don`t trust that it would be safe during shipping as all the great deals seem to be online.

The two main programs I need for this is meshroom and a big list of programs show hear.'

I think the big thing is the NVIDIA GPU which is required for both meshroom and 3d puppetry. Is there away I can rent and test these programs out to see how they work before I buy them.

Should I just be buying a computer out of my budget range for something like this ?


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What Loyal said.

I almost always buy factory refurbished computers to save money. I say factory refurbished because I once bought a computer that was refurbished second-party or whatever and it conked-out after 3 months, so be careful.

I do 3D artwork as a hobby and I'll need something else soon, too; my old HP is showing serious signs of aging.


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If this is a hobby, and you want to try it out, I agree that looking at refurbished models directly from manufacturer outlets is a good way to go and save money.

Now if you're looking to actually build a pc, you definitely won't be saving any money this year doing so. I wanted to build a pc last year, held off, reconsidered it this year, and all parts have seriously increased in price. The $750 build I was looking into doing myself last year is now over $1100 because of the price increases. 😳 I might still wait, or I might buy a refurbished model myself this summer once my loans are paid off. 🤷‍♀️

Either way good luck! 👍 Seems like a neat hobby to get into!