News is sad, cartoons is happy


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I stop watching the news and started watching cartoons as I did when I was a kid. I started watching the news when I decide I need to act more grow up. But that made me depressed I feel like I had to do something but nothing I could do. I felt this huge judge mental energy over me. My focus was on everything that I felt wrong. I never wanted to say I was good in less I had proof to back it up . I love art but stop art because my art was not good enough for anything. I wanted to do something in this world that could help people.
So anyways I decided to stop with the news . And start with my cartoon again I wanted to stroll down memory lane again. Before cartoon I did look for a good movie nothing seem good. But watching cartoons again brought back laughter and the Joy. I brought my attention to having fun and instead of succeeding. I did not care how good my art was is was the worst art in the world but I enjoy making it. But letting out all my bad art and having fun instead of me only wanting to do the art that amazed people.I started to nodes better art from me. I forgot about the world around me. I remember how all the cartoon characters connect with my emotions and help me feel like I had something to bring to the world. Now I have joy instead of sadess. Does the news make you sad to or am I the only one that got really depress form watching the news.


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I avoid the news a lot lately too, its just all so miserable and depressing. Cartoons are great but at the moment I'm binging some other childhood shows to feel better, right now I'm rewatching Sabrina the Teenage Witch


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I watch the news but it's only to keep up with certain things, eg; lock downs. Having said that I have a real distaste for the media as each branch of the media spews its own spin on things.. I cant stand the sensationalism that has become the norm. When the media reports something like 'we have 'horrifying' pictures of... To me that's sort of like, leading the witness. Don't tell me whats 'horrifying'. I'll decide that. So I'll watch the news and basically sift through the stories, sorting the chaff from the wheat. Being aware of the sensationalism in the media is an important part of my mindset when watching it.
But yea, it does get depressing. I get more depressed from the way media handles itself than the stories themselves. I quite often watch shows that make me feel better. Right now I'm watching The Hunger Games again.
I like to read the news every day. I'd never watch news, haven't in decades. Talking heads don't add anything useful, it's a much less efficient medium for consuming or retaining information, and it's much harder to control what you consume or compare opposing viewpoints or separate the facts from the opinions in video than in text. If TV news says something suspect, you can't easily google a fact check before continuing. And I get to choose what type of news I consume at any given time based on my mood, not according to some producer's schedule which is probably very repetitive and focuses only on what the average person tunes in for. Simply not clicking a headline you don't want to read more about is a lot simpler than fast forwarding a video or especially television.
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I haven't watched the news in a long time either. I will listen to the brief newscast on the radio on my way to work, and lately I've been reading local news. But I've been avoiding a majority of world news in general because it's all so depressing and was only adding to my shit mental health. It's one of the main reasons why I quit being active on FB too. No matter how much I edited my news feed, every single political, religious, and depressing news story still showed up one after the other.

As for cartoons, I've always been a fan. They make me happy and always will. I'll still be watching cartoons and animated series and movies even well into my senior years, guaranteed. I remember when I was a teen, I wasn't allowed to watch cartoons because my mother told me I was "too old" and I was mocked for every animated show or movie I would like watch. And to think for a handful of years I believed that garbage, to the point I actually did quit watching a lot of things. 🤦‍♀️ But Regular Show got me back into watching cartoons again 10 years ago and I'm glad. Watch what you like, and have fun doing so. At the moment I'm currently in the middle of The Owl House on Disney+ and I have loved every single episode so far. 😁


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I stopped watching news after the Iraq War 03. I knew then that the world would never go back to normal, after that. Anything is better than the news, even horror movies I think.
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