three good things about mistakes


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I am tired of these impatient people in this world. The principal of learning that I remember is not the same as I used to remember. One of the most important thing in this world that every teacher and parents in this world need to have is patients. We all can do anything though time and effort. I am starting to know dess in this world more and more is people blowing up over the smallest Mistakes making it hard for newbies in this world. Mistake does not mean you are a failure it is apart of learning. The number one cause why we don`t succeed is that we don`t try but the mostly because we do not like making mistakes. This day and age it probably because you know your going to get yelled at or fear that what going to happen. BUT any ways the thing I want to share with you all is the three positive things that I think can be good about making a mistake.

Your Trying:applause:

Don`t feel bad you're trying and that more than anything else. One thing that I learn in life when I was trying to find help with stuff was that people don`t help people who don`t seem to put any effort in things. So forget about the people who were to harsh with you just keep going and that will add up on your résumé for the next time you go out in the world and give it a try.

Your learning :reading:

One of my favorite things that I always say is "loser are better than quitters" meaning people who never try never learn anything. you have more to teach than your brain you also have your body that still need to understand. So be patient Mistake is how scientist learn things.

it could be funny :bigsmile:

laughter is extremely healthy in this world. smiling is also one of the first good thing people should do in conversations and laughter help you smile and feel better. I remember a famous comedian jim carry said "The secrets to comedy is Mistakes" I also remember when study on stuff that said how to improve your social skills they all had the same idea if you can make people laugh Then you are good. People like people that help them feel better. So try to stay positive and on the cheery side of your mistake.


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Very positive post, thank you Bo592, i think it's true when you're trying you should applaud yourself and that a loser is better than a quitter but the issue with us though can be that we care too much and that's the downside but there should be a way to get out of that world such as diet, cbt, etc.