comforting a Mistake with others


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Feeling like the heart of all my social anxiety is worried about making a mistakes. I made a thread along time ago Called " three good things about mistakes" That I think is helpful for comforting in your head. Now I want to focus on bad stuff that will happen to you out side of your head and how you should handle it.

So let say you made a mistake now here are the tape of people you may come across How would you handle these tape of people ?

1. People will gossip about you and tell other about you let other know about you before you even meet them. They will even exaggerate about you to make thing sound even worser.

2. People who will insult you these people are not shy about letting you know how they feel about you and some will yell and make a big scene and try their best to embarrass you.

3. People who will violently attack you these People will punch you and other around you will cheer about it because they see it as justice has been surved. Some will even want to beat you to death.


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saying sorry will comfort a mistake w/ others and if the person is nice they'll say sorry i hurt your feelings or sth like that. if they don't take your sincere apology then i don't know about that particular situation but usually it would mean that it's not worth your time.


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For the first two types I'd try and not show publicly how much its getting to me, but it'd tear me up inside.. Though maybe for the second one i'd get angry enough to throw insults back..for type 3 I'd fight back.. I grew up in a rough area and have a pretty hefty temper that overrides my anxiety so I'd definitely handle the 3rd type better than the other two...

I just need to get angry then Im fine :bigsmile: