How do you believe in your self ?


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Does anybody hear knows what it takes to believe in your self when you know it has to be up to you because no one else does ? when the message of feller is around you and you want to believe in hope again. what do you do to left yourself up again. What do we think about when we are trying to encourage our self. How many time must we remind our forgetful mind that seem to be guled to the negative thoughts ? How many people do we have to avoid because they are the ones that remind or speaks negative to us in order to feel good about ourselves.


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For me, I believe I have to do things that build my confidence. That means success in situations that I fear, until I am consistently successful in them over time. That means sticking to my principles. That means building skills that I believe a competent person should have, and being that competent person.

When statistically I start to do more things right than I do wrong, and I believe myself to be a person of principle, or my plethora of skills outweigh my lack thereof, then I can start to truly believe in myself.


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Taking proper care of yourself in every way helps. This means taking control of what you eat, how you treat your body and mind, how you treat your capabilities, etc. Once you have a grasp on those things, and proper discipline, it's a step closer to believing in yourself the way you should.


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Thank you guys, I forgot about that part about believe in yourself Accomplishments does build self esteem. I was upset because I was thinking about how am I suppost to pick my self up while in the process of trying to make them accomplishments happen.

But today I made a decision about what I was doing wrong in my life. I been focus on what others do instead of me. I came up with an idea that it good to make small simple social goals to follow through with. But what I did wrong was I made them basic off of what others do instead of just sticking to what I do.

What I mean is my goals would be like. " today I going to find one person that like me today." or " I am going to make one person laugh today." Sound nice but the problem with these goals is I am not in control with what others do. I am only stressing my self out basing goals on what other decision is instead of my own. I need to make goals like this instead. " Today I will ask a person a question. with out feeling nervous." it does not matter what the answer is the success is me asking the person. whether a person hates it or loves it. The success is me making a goal and following through with it. Making short simple goal basic off of what I do and not what others do is the key thing here I am trying to point out hear. anther one can also be " Today I will listen to someone and make a statement that show the person I was listening" The success would be me being able to focus on the person. anther one could be me walking away from someone who made a mean comment and still caring a smile or not letting it ruin my day. That something I can control.


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The post about accomplishment was amazing. I want to add one thing, don't pressure yourself to accomplish too much. What's most important is that you pat yourself on the back for the tinyyyy things you change each day. Even if that is something small like taking a shower and getting dressed everyday. Learning not to expect too much out of yourself, and learning to take care of your scared inner child is really important in developing confidence which won't be swayed by fear.