I've always wanted to start a BAND!!!

Are you Musical?

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I just wondered how many if any people here have ever wanted to be in a band but haven't because of SA.
I've always been pretty musical. I play Guitar mainly, I can play drums and I'm going to start playing the piano. People have told me I'm pretty decent.
I've always wanted to get together just mess about and jam but haven't. It sucks. Hopefully Soon
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Thats cool, its never too late to start a band. I just started one five days ago, its a drummer and me on the guitar. I still need two more people though. Remember, don't let SA stop u and its never too late to start a band. Good luck man!


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I play drums and have been in 2 bands, neither of them were serious and fizzled out after a while. Im about to start a more serious one and try to start playing local gigs eventually. It almost seems like SA goes away when I'm playing the drums. Maybe my brain has to work hard to coordinate both arms and legs that theres no more room for stupid fears.
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I wanna be the lead singer in a punk band...not because I'm good at singing (I'm not lol) but because i'm not horrible and singing is fun...then again I duno if I could sing in front of a crowd...hmmmmmm


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I've tried several times to no avail. I always end up leaning towards playing hard rock and metal while those around me tend to play less... intense music. And since I've always been too scared to actively seek out like-minded musicians I usually just end up practicing other bands' songs on my own. But since I'm not in a band, I eventually decide that learning any song completely is rather pointless.

The last "band" I played with ended up calling me on my birthday and telling me that they wanted to try out someone else. As you can imagine, that did wonders for my self esteem. Since then I've only had my one friend's dreams of being the next Layne Staley. Unfortunately most of his musical ideas are as off-key as his singing. Eventually he realized that he's musical dreams won't come true, so he only comes over to hang out with my brother.

But it's all probably for the best anyway. I've always been good at learning songs, but not too good at writing them myself.


Me too. I used to jam with my friend back in the high school. It was highly experimental music. I played the guitar.


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ooh ooh! anyone need a bass player? I'm barely good-but good enough..::p:

no, but seriously, i've never been in a band..it's just me and my friend who jam together. If i didn't have issues with crowds & attention, i would probably join one.


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Im currently still in one thats not doing much at the minute, but I'm trying to put a new one together from scratch. Its so difficult to find the right people.