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  • BTW I have already put back on some poundage since fall has started. I need to jog more than i am now. In the Summer i go no less that 5,6 days a week. Now i only go every oyher day and believe me i can tell a difference, lol.
    LOL you're not a big head at all are you? :p
    My mates have been to Dublin and they all rave about how great it is...well what they can remember anyway lol
    Ooooooh good luck on the crush, you'll be fine...just use your Irish charm on her hehe
    Its been going pretty good. You know i have always wanted to go one of them 10k runs but have never gotten around to of luck to you if you go through with it. Jogging helps me tremendously. Just keep yourself hydrated and u should be good to go.
    Hiya, i'm doing really well thanks, how is you?
    Are you all ready for your run? and if i come to Ireland in the New Year, Danny will be coming with me :)
    I'm from leeds, Yorkshire. Relocated when I was 16 and that definatly isnt the best time to move. Thats in the past though so its all good :)

    I know your not lieing but I dont beleive you :) You totally have that sexy next door girl look going on.
    Hey! I bet they were mostly from Dublin.
    Dublin people always slag off Limerick. Seriously though,
    People here are reeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaallllllly friendly. (At least strangers and the people i still talk to are....)
    Ahhh Cavan. I love the accent. I know two or three people from there.
    Mark - Thank GAWD you've an easy name to remember....

    I'm Charlene!
    Yeah, it kinda sucks. We have a small fair come in every year and I couldn't even ride some of the more thrilling rides there cause I was either with friends who didn't wanna go on high, fast rides, or I had nobody to go with, or the fair got rid of it and replaced the good rides with kiddie rides and midway games. Makes me feel disappointed every year.

    One of these days I will, though...
    No of course not. I dislike those people that feel that there needs to be an "I care for animals" hierarchy and be real snobbish about it, so I do not think any less. :]

    Take care!
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