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  • Damn, I said that. I must of been drunk. I am usually pretty reserved :)
    I am alright, a little stressed. Doing my degree thesis.
    How are you?
    just bad** experiences with asian girls, that's all. Everytime I try to talk to one, I just think that what happened before will happen again, and I really don't want that, so I end up avoiding all of them, cuz of the fear of attachment and other things
    I am sure you get this all the time and I never do things like this but you look cute in your picture :)
    Its going good thanks. I've felt like crap the last few days but thats only due to a cold. I've come along way over the last few months with my anxiety. If I can get over or accept it to the point where it doesnt make any difference then anyone can.
    It was only 6mths ago I thought Id have to go live in the woods lol

    How are you doing? I read your post saying you didnt like people who judged you for been attractive. Now I feel like a twat

    Take it easy
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