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  • treadmill mainly. it's what i'm able for i think. i lost so much weight in the past year due to excersising more. your fitness threads keep me motivated haha
    Oh wow, Ireland is beautiful! My bf moved here from out of the country and he loves it here! So definitely get the petition moving along or a student visa :D
    I wear my age like a badge. I think age = wisdom well um in my case it = genius...did I spell that right ? :p Where are you from? I am pretty sure your Mon is not the same as my Mon and what is your sort # (is that a bank pin?) lol jk jk
    Yes, I live in Vegas I have been here for several years now. I would like some info on how to control breathing and all that and to pick up speed if you got anything for me. We should keep in touch. I am going to add you and you should add me because if you don't add me I will cry a little inside.
    They have a huge marathon in Vegas every year....maybe I will sign up :D You will have to give me running tips though because I have been looking up info on how to run faster and all that and it ain't workin bro
    england- now it all makes sense!! lol i saw your cool vid on the vid thread and i was like he doesn't have an irish accent??
    haha noone has said that to me about nurse yet. it's like that in films i think :D what you said has reassured me though. i think people at school do seem to makes sense to me now.
    i'm really glad your anxiety is a lot better now, and that you're not as bad as you once were :) it really is inspiring to have someone like that on this site
    She basically got hit by a semi, I think lol. Anyway, I have a clear place to run so I shouldn't run into anything..hopefully :p I haven't run any marathons, but 10K is crazy man. Kudos, that's awesome.
    Ah well thank you, I really do love running and the exercise can't hurt. Sometimes I like to run with my eyes closed and just take it all in, hopefully not too long don't want to end up like Meg Ryan in City of Angels lol.
    Haha, I dunno. I never saw her again, but she had her friend to comfort her, fortunately.
    Exactly, that's one of the upsides of SA, plenty of time to practice :) Some music i've been playing lately? Ermm.. Jeff Beck, The Smiths, Chilli Peppers, The Killers, The Police. Basically anything that's good for bass.
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