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  • ya all my assignments are done just have to sit exams in april.the date for the meet up is april 17 galway
    I've been doing CBT for the past couple of months. Not sure if I've told you this before....
    Anyway, therapy has helped me tremendously. Things do seem to be looking up on my end. I unfortunately cannot go into detail myself, but I do hope that things do turn out for the best. My family and I have been waiting far too long for this...Maybe someone up there will be listening this time around. I'm almost sure that this hardship was supposed to teach me something. I think it has. :) Now I know one Gaelic slang term :D Keep em coming. I think Gaelic sounds very beautiful. Good to know everything is much better with you. You should be proud of yourself. :)
    Yeah, we have to take the bad with the good. Makes us appreciate the good that much more. And Kudos for the decision to go back to school! What kind of classes are you going to be taking? You're very inspirational, Black! It's always good to see one of us recover, good to see someone living their lives. It definitely proves that there is hope for us all. :)....
    Anger is all consuming so it's best to let it go. I used to be a very angry person myself. Not a good time in my life. Perhaps even worse than SA itself.
    Yeah, it has been a while! It's good to hear from you. How have you been doing? Well, your absence tells me that things are good with you. So I might have answered my own question. I'm doing well, thank you. What is "craic"?
    Hey buddy, just saw your visitor-message there now.

    Yeah, it'd be great to have you come along, and itd be lovely to meet you.

    I will keep you posted as we arrange a date and time.

    If you have a preference for a particular date then let me know. I'll run with whatever date suits the majority.


    Cool bananas, saturday is grand! It doesn't make any difference to me cos I'll just be five minutes away anyways, lol. I'd say saturday would be better alright for people who are doing things during the week. Super! Yes, my exams are over, yay! They went middling, I was insanely anxious during them so that affected me, but it's over now and I don't have to think about it til Jan, woohoo!
    Happy christmas to you too :D Hope whatever you get up to is fun! Or at least lazy, Christmas is more sheer laziness and less mad party....Talk to you soon! :)
    Herroooo! Dunno if you saw our posts on the ireland thread about the meet-up. I was thinking we could go to the university in galway for the day on either january the 8th or the 9th...that's a friday or a saturday. So far people don't mind which day it is, how would the friday suit for you? Hope you can come :D
    Howdy! I'm back! Haven't been on in ages and ages :) How's the exercise going and such? I'm sure you're doing great with it. Hope you're feeling good! You still up for the meet-up over the christmas holidays some time, early in January or something?
    I use facebook ALL the time - I never mention my SA on it, unless its thru mail though. Only two people know about it. think my names CiunasBotharCailinBainne . . .
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