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  • Hi BDDgirl. I came across your page and read that you're a nurse. I was a former nurse also but I'm trying to get back into it.
    Hi.In the field of anxiety there are a heck of alot of abbreviations.I suppose it makes remembering the names easier.I noticed the abbreviations on your profile.Is BBD a big issue for you.
    LOL In all fairness BDDgirl, I do have a few token male friends :) It's just that I get on better with the opposite sex. I am by no means a Lothario, who is trying to charm and seduce the ladies of SPW. On a totally unrelated note, can I just say how beautiful you look in your photo. Anyway, thanx for stopping by :thumbup:
    Hi BDD, thankyou for the book recommendation. I will try and source a copy.
    Hi BDD, Like you I have wrestled with and am still wrestling with BDD. Would you be able to recommend any reading that you may have found useful in helping to better understand and manage BDD?

    Hope you are well and enjoying life
    I meant your "about me" is interesting. Anyone that is recovering from agoraphobia is pretty strong. Luckily, that is one anxiety issue I haven't had. I'm also interested in medicine. I plan on reading a pharmacology book soon. I love learning about how medicine interacts with the body. I have a feeling it may play a role in my recovery.
    hey thx for the heads up, but he already contacted me :p
    rly weird... I am used to attracting weirdos, but srsly even I have limits.. ::p:
    Hi, i hope you don't mind me messaging you! but i've read some of your post and i'm dumb founded! you seem to be such a lovely person and you are absolutely stunning as well, it just doesn't seem fair to me that you suffer with BDD :(
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