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  • Hi

    I like your username - much better than the ones where the person is putting him\herself down.
    Welcome back Exquisite,I'm sure a few people will be pleased to see your ok!Hope your doing better with your anxiety and stuff,all the best.
    well that is admirable to take responsibility for your own well being like this!!!! that should not be overlooked ever! thank God you are intelligent enough of a person, to start weighing all your options! Good, we must truly FORGIVE those who don't have the discernment to know whats goin on with us. no one can really know all that is going on. and another thing, i CONGRATULATE you for speaking up! i know it can be difficult expressing the confusion inside. keep talking, writing, singing whatever it is that you do. articulate them feelings baby girl. very important. ok i'm done preaching.
    I just read your thread, I feel for your situation. Maybe you could get your mother to sit down and watch a 10 minute clip on SA from youtube or something. Or maybe you could threaten to make a youtube video yourself explaing how you need help and how your mom isnt listening, although i am not certain telling the world your business is the answer. but maybe the threat will put that fire under her. forgive me if i'm out of bounds for suggesting anything. just trying to help. People usually respond when it is their reputations on the line.
    I so apologize exquisite my friend! this is where i goofed up.
    this was in your profile
    "Music is what keeps me going, also Middle Eastern food & culture, languages, and JANE AUSTEN."
    i thought i read "magic" instead of music. i was so sure of it, but woops guess i was wrong. nice to hear from you anyways :)
    i really enjoy the phooto of you sitting in front of the garden. i don't get to see such beautiful sights very often. that photo is almost like a fantasy to me. really nice
    Hey. How are you?
    Whenever I see a cute eastern european girl I can't help but make a fool outta myself. Doesn't help that a girl lives next door to me :)
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