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  • tell me about it! i went down late to sign on last week and there was 57 people ahead of me just in at the enquires hatch! so i said ahh here F**k this i'm not waiting here thats why i gotta go there tomoorow :(
    Awwww *hugs* thank you soooo much you made me smile hehe but you're right no matter how many times people say you're not as hideous as you think you are, you never really believe it, i wish i could be more open and just take one compliment as it's meant, but grrrrrrr my silly head never lets me do it lol
    YouTube - Kate Nash "I'm Not Gonna Teach Your Boyfriend How To Dance"

    You are the girl that I've been dreaming of
    I do, but the thoughts always come back of course :\ They dont stay away forever. I have to deal with that.
    I think too much. If I didn't try to think, I would be meditation all day. I daydream all the time even when I try not to.
    Nah. Just me and my problems. I just feel like everyone talks to others, but they can't talk to me, as if I always have to start a conversation. I'm starting to think Im crazy or something :\
    Part 2! My anxiety is more panic disorder and agoraphobia than SA, my SA has kind of developed out of having those and out of avoidance. I'm not on any medication or anything, but I'm getting therapy and doing lots of exposure and getting over it bit by bit! I used to smoke a lot of weed aswell and it was really bad for me, the last few months I smoked it it would make me so anxious and paranoid! So i never have it any more, it wasn't enjoyable at the end anyways, so I don't miss it at all! The weather here today was lovely, that sucks that it's raining at your end! Sun shined all day here today, except for one or two short showers....

    Just kidding ::p:
    Cool, let me know what you organise whenever you get around to it, I will do my best to be fully on board :D I think that a lot of people go through their lives kind of suffering with SA because they don't know about and just think that's how they are and that's how they have to stay, I think that drawing attention to SA would draw attention to the fact that people can overcome it aswell, they don't just have to suffer through.
    I haven't gone in yet, but there is a new place in Galway for young people with anxiety. It's called Jigsaw and it's run by Headstrong. I'm not sure what age you are, but it's for people aged 25 and younger, I'm almost 21 (next week!) so it sounds good to me...basically it's a drop-in centre, my aunt dropped in one day and told them about my anxiety and they sounded great, they will come out and meet you if you want, or you can drop in to group sessions or group meditation there for people with anxiety so I'm definitely going to drop in to chat at some stage!
    Hi! That sponsored sky dive sounds so cool, that's a great idea! I'd definitely like to do some sort of thing to bring attention to anxiety too, maybe a load of people could do like a bungee jump together! Though in Ireland there isn't really anywhere good to bungee jump. My boyfriend jumped from the highest one in South Africa, he said it was amazing! But yeah, a sky dive would be so cool :D

    I saw your pictures, your dog is gorgeous! Galway is definitely great, it's really relaxed here, not really like a city, that's why I like it. I'm the same as you, I love the countryside but I'm not sure I'd like to be in the countryside all the time. So Galway is kind of in between the two!

    So do you just have SA then or any other kinds of anxiety? Do you take medication for it or get therapy or anything? Hope you're having a good weekend :D
    I know a few people from this site from Ireland, i'm sure they'd love to meet you. I would like to travel there too some day, maybe that will be my next vacation hehe. I'm sure anyone you met from here would be friendly and understanding too, anyone would like you, you're a great person
    I am worried about that, I guess if that happens i'll be stranded in England haha ::(:

    I think it's just worth the chance because I have too many internet relationships and need real friends, it's too lonely here.
    LOL. ahah thank you for acknowledging my courage. I'm actually really scared, i've been thinking about it already, i'm worried about getting lost too. I hope I don't have a panic attack on the plane. I'll probably be a nervous wreck and all shaky when I get there, I hope it goes ok!! It's worth it to meet some good friends though.
    OMG! Thief...i should totally report you to the mods for that lol it's a cool avatar though, i'm surprised more people haven't got it!!!
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