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  • Hey :) Thanks, yeah Metric is great, they're really big here in Canada. Emily Haines is my favorite female singer/songwriter. The acoustic version of that song is amazing! You have good taste in music too, I just saw you posted the Artctic Monkeys, I love that band! Hope you're having a good day :)
    Hi there! I'm from Galway city myself. It's weird, there's loads of other irish people on here! We must be SA-prone or something.. What's it like in Cavan? I've never really been up that end of the country, like do you live in the country or in a town? Hope you're doing ok, that you're SA isn't getting you too down or anything ::(:
    It's brilliant to hear from other Irish people on here!
    i know dose cost alot.thankfully my bro said he would help me with the money because im currently unemployed at the mo due to my anxiety. but dont know if i will book an apointment yet still looking around.
    I actually rang about a week ago and she sends you out an email with a form in it to fill have to answer a few questions about your problems and say a date if want to book an appointment and send her back an email. and its like 120euro a session.
    yeah tipical irish weather, six years seems like a very long time with it ,i have it just over 2 years id say,unbelievable how much my life has changed since then.
    cathy dose hypnotherapy, her website is Hypnotherapy NLP Dublin Limerick Hypnotherapist ,was thinking of going to her but dont know what to do? is it alright that i add you as firend?
    I dont understand why is the waiting list so long? was thinking of going to the mater but dont know what to do? did you get anymore info about the course? did you ever hear of cathy breslin?
    Yeah, change happens when you want it to..that's pretty awesome though; always nice to catch up with an old friend
    Well man , whats da crack? seen 1 of your comments saying that you were looking to get into a course in the mater in dublin. any luck with that?
    LOL! There's nothing wrong with the sweet guy look :)
    Yeah we lived the Rocker life style to the hilt.
    Hey thanx that's sweet, Believe me you'll know when you really want something
    going to conventions can really help you get ideas because of all the different artist and styles ... :)
    YouTube - The Beatles - When I Saw Her Standing There

    I forgot how much I liked this song. Cheers Vincent
    Haha, 16 in October! :] How old are you? Any chance you got a myspace?
    ahh cavan yeah only up the road, Thats a good idea about gettin a group set up there, but i was the mater the other day and there is loads of building work going on the place is in a rite state, like they had A&E ward full up with two patients sharing a single space man it was desperate i tell ya. But you could try brendan's or even a community hall somewhere close by, anyways let us know how it goes :)
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