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  • Oh cool - I have been through that part of the country a few times it's beautiful. I am in the Northern Rockies, actually.
    aww, thanks :)
    i've been great, actually, for the most part know how it is.. lol i'm having to look for a job which freaks me right out! haha! i'm pretty uncomfortable around random people i don't know so i'm kinda stressin' it, but i gotta get some paper.... haha
    have you been okay??
    Hey you cutie.. :) I'm here again..but not for a good reason unfortunatelly. Feeling bad again. There is still at least little hope in me I guess so maybe things will get better eventually :/ How are u? I suposse you'r are always ok when I ask you hehe :D That's great.. :)
    im leaving ..... love you man ;) maybes ill come back some day and say hi , to me old mate bazza :D
    There once was a man named Barry
    He was very hairy
    He was pretty scary
    His favorite fruit was cherry
    His favorite book was Carrie
    He never wanted to marry
    He liked to watch Jerry
    He liked to drink Sherry
    His middle name was Larry
    He had a crush on Mathew Perry
    On Christmas he was very Merry
    He was kinda weary
    About Terry
    And he was allergic to dairy
    He had a fish named Gary
    He was a fairy
    He went to the top of the Aery
    hey there you handsome devil! ;) ha!! i hope you've been doing well!!! i saw your 'how are you feeling (in music)' post, quit fighting authority you effing rebel!! :p
    Barry had a little lamb
    Little lamb, little lamb
    Barry had a little lamb
    Its fleece was white as snow
    I think the better question would be "Where haven't I been?"

    But of course the answer to that would be anywhere, because of the whole agoraphobia thing. Ha Ha

    How are you doing, B-Rad?
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