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  • Things are a bit more stable for me now, still have a long way to go with my anxiety, but like you say life is life and I guess we just have to deal with the cards we are dealt. I'm glad to hear thing are a little better for you too, send me your email again bud and we can catch up properly, I had to delete it to stop you getting spam =/
    Naw Im not bro, I ****ed that **** off a long time ago, too much stress. Good to hear from you anyway man, sorry I lost touch my life got seriously screwed up. Hope life is treating you good? Anyway Hit up Philly or Coyote if you need help, both cool dudes.
    Hey Gio I have been meaning to get back to you, just had so much crap on my plate, plus my hotmail got hacked =/ So soz if you got a crap load of spam off me. Hope life is treating you good man and I will write you a pm soon.
    Hey Gio my man, just letting you know I have not forgot about you bud! Been a bit ill and down recently bro. But I will write you an email soon. But man don't tempt me about visiting the states! I have never left England! Hope life is treating you good and speak soon.
    Glad your making a bit of progress too! And likewise, sometimes I log on and I don't recognize any usernames anymore, so many people have been and gone but I guess if they have moved on that's a good thing. You can always hit me up at d.falconer7(at)hotmail.co.uk
    Hey Mr gio, long time no see indeed! Sorry for my late reply I don't come on here as much these days. Thing's are going better for me, I'm back at the gym and doing c.b.t. How about you, hows life treating you?
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