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  • Hey Barry, theres a new show on VH1 called The OCD project, it started lastnight, pretty interesting. I guess its going to be on every Thurs 10pm.
    And I think the new season of Obsessed on A&E is coming back June 28th.
    I dont know if you would watch these shows...but I think their amazing because people who dont have OCD finally can have an understanding and people with OCD won't feel like their the only ones.
    haha long overdue but thanks for the vid! that cheered me up. i hope you're doing well, barry!
    ha! i have not given you rep, babydoll, i sorry... when i try to, it tells me to spread some more love before i try givin' you any more! HAHA!
    thanks i cant remember my user name mate rush lol in your own time .....
    hey barry on that site living anxious , whats my user name i cant remember ? were you a freind i added on there ?
    Thats good to hear :) Things are okay with me, been slipping with the S.A. but I guess its something I have to keep fighting.
    Been planning the wedding, trying to find someone to marry us is the next big thing on our list.
    Other then that just trying to enjoy the beautiful spring weather while it lasts..
    Hey Barry, how have you been doing? I haven't been on here much as of late, just want to see how you are :) hows your ocd?
    Yes..I think most of us are in better shape in autumn than winter because people are spending much more time outside and are more active...of course who can :/
    P.S. Cool pic..looking good. :)
    Sorryyyy Kentucky :/ Yeah..I think It would help me in that way..but I would go jogging early in the morning or late in the evening of course when there are not so many people on the street. :/ You are probaly in good condition. : ) I hope that I will be too in a few months..
    Well .. hello there handsome. :) How are u?
    Yeah, I know I'm late. That's normal for me.
    What have u been doing this days? Anything new in Kansas?
    I still work a lot..can't wait 22 March..then I have 10 free days in a row so I hope will rest a little bit. Because this now it's not life. I'm planing to start joging as soon as first spring days come..because I'm always tired and hoping that this will bring my condition back.
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