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    Don't feel capable of forming new friendships because of desperation

    I realized yesterday that I have (yet another) problem. My original problem is that most of the time I feel very, very lonely. In short, I have some classmates I talk to at college but right now I'm done with my courses and just doing my graduation project, and I never really met with them...
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    Be afraid

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    How should I hit on my psychologist?

    How should I flirt with my psychologist? Yes that's what I'm asking, and before you ask "wtf are you doing?" Well, it was my therapist the one who told me to do it. You'll see, to keep it short, since I'm 6 I've had a pathological fear to express interest in women. It didn't bothered me until...
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    I need a job but I don't want to go and look for one >.<

    So here's the thing: Due to the incompetence at my university, this semester I could only take 6 classes when I was supposed to take 8, so the global effect it's the same as if I failed those classes, and as a result, I'll be forced to spend an extra semester at college (we have this weird...
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    Live before you die

    When pressures up and the stress is high and I wanna bid this world good bye I'm gonna bury my frustrations grab some of life's satisfactions yeah I'm gonna live before I die I try to find some peace of mind when my life's treating me unkind pain will be my motivation I'm gonna use my...
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    Where the heck is the history of the minichat?

    There's a link to remove the history, but it is impossible to access it. Am I being dumb or the minichat has a glitch?
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    I think I finally figured out the core of my problem

    Warning, long post ahead: In first place, I'm not sure if this post goes in this sub forum, but I guess it does, being ultimately about a social situation that produces me anxiety. For the ones who are familiar with my posts, you may have noticed an annoying tendency to complain about my...
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    I can't deal with uncertainty

    I'm not sure if is a mentality problem or my brain is just wired that way, and I don't know if that matters at all. The thing is, I can't deal with uncertainty. In aspects like my professional future, although I know I ca't know for sure what will happen, I know I'm doing my part and that gives...
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    Happy Festivus everyone!

    (For the ones who don't know wtf I'm talking about: Festivus - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia) I've already set my aluminium pole, and I'm about to begin the Airing of Grievances :D
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    I need a close friend

    Well who doesn't. The problem is how to get one. Is not like you go and ask someone "hey you wanna be my close friend?". Meeting and getting closer with someone is something that happens by chance, whether offline or online. Then I'm this predicament. I want a close friend, but I'm feeling...
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    This image is simply just to perfectly descriptive

    "Overthinking It"
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    My therapy kinda ended, and I'm not feeling much better

    After avoiding it for quite some time, two months ago I finally managed to seek for professional help with university psychologist. After telling her which were my problems and my circumstances, we figured out what should I do in order to improve my life. To keep it short, we arrived to this...
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    DOPE (Dove, Owl, Peacock, Eagle) Personality Type Quiz

    I'm not very fond of personality tests, but I found interesting the results of this one:
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    The crazy thing I did last Monday

    I'll start by saying that I'm telling this with the idea that it may somehow inspire anyone here to face a fear, or attempt to do something they would usually avoid. If you're familiar with my posts, you may have noticed an even annoying tendency of me to complain too much about my loneliness...
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    How I'm going to do the "homework" my therapist gave me?

    For the ones who didn't know, three weeks ago I finally got the nerve to start to use the free psychological service of my university. And yesterday came one moment I was fearing: when I was told to take initiative on the real word. The psychologist told me that if I want to stop having such a...