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  • Hi :) thank you, I actually found the picture on tumblr awhile ago and found it inspiring, plus i'm a little too shy to post an actual picture of me on here, so I thought it fit. It's nice to meet you :)
    Haven't done much with my art lately but I plan on getting batteries for my camera and I'm going to try and do an art video for youtube :) I'm gonna show people how I draw and record it and do a speed video of it
    Hi feeling, thanks for the concern on the forum post. i appreciate it. i guess i was just feeling it at that moment and i just let it go.. It's about subconsciously yearning to make friends i guess. Being on this site and getting addicted can become lonely, but we're all really disconnected and the more i post and msg people the more emotionally attached it gets me and that makes me more lonely and it hurts to have to rely on strangers for attention... because you wont always get it.. so its just time to take some time off i guess and get rid of the dependency..
    I will! thanks again for talking to me, you cheered me up for tonight it's nice cause now I won't go to sleep feeling so sad thanks again ^_^
    Haha, yeah. For the time being I'm cycling through Simpsons characters. :) Glad you like it.
    hi there...she is 5yrs old I believe. I adopted her from a local pit bull rescue place so we're not sure about her full history.
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