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  • What a looker! I didn't know you went as a 1930sish gangstress or moll or flapper! :) Somehow I missed that!
    Hey girl!! its so nice to hear from u!:) I'm ok these days, thanks for askin. What about u? everything ok? hope u have an awesome weekend.:D
    Hi Agent! Thanks for your kind words:)
    Hope you are ok.
    Hey Agent_Violet! Just sending you a message in the hopes that everything is going okay with your 9-year-old son. It's never a nice thing when your own flesh and blood says he's thinking of suicide, but I think you're being a wonderful mother to him and I hope he notices that.

    You seem like such a great person and a fantastic mother, and your son is lucky to have you. When he gets older he'll show the stupid bully who was boss...perhaps by even BEING his boss! Wouldn't that be karma on top of karma? Hehehe....

    Anyway, hope you're doing well. :)
    Hey girl:) I'm pretty ok, thanks for asking. We dont have school on fridays, thank god, so the weekend already started for me:D how are you?
    I love you. :) u have no idea how much what u said lifted my spirits. Thank you for being so awesome and always knowing what to say.
    At least you didn't act on it. I should have waited and read others views first....
    Anyway, your far from dumb, your not blonde for starters....:D
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