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  • Thanks for asking...she's pretty much the same,still struggling on with ionto machine which seems to really hurt her even on a low setting.It's hard dealing with the stress for her of starting school again after the holidays.Soo feel for her after going through same stuff in highschool!! Like you and me,she can't bare humid weather...horrible.x
    Quiet, more trees than people which isn't necessarily a bad thing. I suppose you could liken it to Wales as it is the poorer cousin to the mainland states of Australia
    Feeling so low today :( can't even vent with out the feeling of hatred clouding my thoughts **** I'm a mess lately....
    Hi carl, so sorry about the suffering you go through on a daily basis. Tell me to mind my own business but do you want to stay angry for the rest of your life? I'm not being unkind but do you think the anger stops you living your life? I will be forced to work soon due to my financial situation and I'm thinking of somewhere air conditioned or sole work where I don't have to worry about remarks from others.I feel sad that you can't move forward and enjoy some things.I too had the dreaded surgery and am left with compensation sweating and droopy eye,I have been married 20 years with 2 beautiful kids. Hope you don't mind my opinion. Good luck x
    No she hasn't,I'm not a fan of giving her oral medicine as she takes alot of pain medicine. It's probably the next option if the iontophoresis doesn't work- she still has a few more sessions. Thanks for the suggestion,how are you getting on with them?
    Hi guys/girls thanks for the messages starting to know people abit better now, this is a pretty sweet site :) hope you all are ok nd doing well
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