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  • That's funny, I played that video game too on play station 2 I believe. That was really long ago, cool game though. Oh, like an analyst, are you good with computers?
    They always make them so cool in movies and tv shows, but I wonder if the life of a spy is as charismatic as we see on screen. I bet it's definitely exciting though ;)
    Oh sorry, I don't know why I assumed your dog was a boy. Probably because she reminded me of mine, lol.
    Found one, not the best of him but yeah.
    Also he always looks sad at you when he knows he's in trouble, yesterday he tore up the newspaper and then just sits there looking at me. Can't be mad !!!
    She's looks nice :) Mine is 9 years old (old fart already) but isn't a pit bull. My aunt however has almost exactly the same dog as yours :O
    Hey there back. It sucks doesn't it... I'm worried one day someone will say to me "What did I say the other day?" and I will be like 'umm??'

    I'm glad its not just me. Someone else suggested that the good stories I hear I should scribble down and practice them
    Aw, thanks! I really wasn't wanting to go, but everyone here is being so supportive and encouraging, I might just decide to do it. If nothing else, just to tell everyone about how it went. :p
    No reason, just because :)

    As with you! Look like a golden era starlet! Sometimes I think I am from another era, aka around then. A lemur out of time! :D
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