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  • Hello,

    How have u been? U let me messige with out words,but i can still read it. U feel not good? yes? Im sorry if is like that i hope your bright days will come soon!! Take care frend
    Hello i was joking im sorry if u wasnt understanding my joke:( i confused u. Dont apologize to me u did nothing wrong atleast i dont know about it!
    I called somebody stupid?! I didn't want to call anyone stupid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm sorry!!!!!!!!!!!


    Please don't be mad!!
    Hey :)

    I see u was bad ass ? Dont worry about it we do care and we understand u. But dont call us stupid i feel offended now:D (just kidding but i guess i would hehe) How are yoU?
    Sorry about that whole thing, for a second there I believed that I created a few enemies there, and I didn't want a moderator to become an enemy also. I'm glad you didn't begin to hate me. :)

    And yes, I don't want more posters to hate me, because if I get another personal problem that I can't fix, those people will attack me the same way they did on the gun control topic.

    Thank you for helping me, I'm sorry about that message I sent you...
    I didn't call you stupid, you called people who didn't agree with you stupid. I edited those comments out of your post (so you would not get banned)

    I then put the editing comment 'removed stupidity remarks', I noticed you edited the original post that you were criticised for by other posters, do you want it removed and the subsequant quotes now?
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