Why is there a Trash Can Forum?


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It's not a forum for posting in. Old threads are dumped in here every so often and periodically the trash is emptied, meaning all the threads in it are deleted.


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this is were all my threads and posts end up :rolleyes: but thats ok cos i just take them all out and put them back on spw again :D


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I was looking through the Forums and noticed there was a trash can one! What does one talk about in a trash can forum, Trash?
Lol :D Yeah this is the forum where the 'trash' goes but there doesnt seem to be any, Im guessing there wont be many threads in here.. That'd be pretty mean if someone was feeling anxious posted a thread and it was moved to trash lol I think its more for the dodgy advertising people, You know I dont see many active mods about to be fair..