Where in the UK are we from?

Where in the UK are we from?

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I work at Buckingham palace, preparing the accounts for the Queen. She is absolutely divine and delicious.
Er, I'm a bit late with this one but i'm (currently) residing in Bexleyheath, SE London, which is at least a slight improvement on my previous area (which I'm gonna refrain from revealing lest anyone, at some point maybe, gets mildly offended). Despite the problems that London can present, my mental state of mind has improved considerably although I really need to work much harder at actually meeting like-minded people. One of life's natural procrastinators unfortunately!


I live in france, Paris. I'm 29.
I'm going to move to London for several months, to be an aupair to improve my English.

Is Anybody from London ? I'd like to meet people in preference Girl, to exchange and visit London and the country.
See you


Hi i am in gravesend Kent and i am part of a self help meet up group on facebook.
The group has members from London, Essex, surrey, Sussex and Kent, we only have meets in areas of Kent at the moment but members from other areas can set up a meet in their local area too on the group.
If anyone would like some more info just in inbox me :)


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I think a group where we could all meet would be awesome. I desperately want to meet someone who has SA also - that way I would truly believe i'm not alone and we can help each other.. So again, anyone from Cumbria?