Where in the UK are we from?

Where in the UK are we from?

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the new haggis emotismiley thing:


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Coventry, which is in the West Midlands. It's a quite a 'hole' of a city, but I've lived here all my life and it's home to me, I guess. Lol.

Actually, I can remember an English backpacker who came from Warwickshire saying that if you go to Coventry, then you will die.

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I won't venture north of Highbury. I imagine it's some sort of post-apocalyptic nightmare.
I live in Broilington. Just north of Berrysbury. Make a left and you're in Wilmingshire. Yes. That's where I live.


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wow I would love to meet someone with SA in UK. I live in South East London, Bromley! Anyone lives in the same area? :)


We now have 67 members on our facebook group ASHA anxiety self help alliance.

December meet is in Meopham on the 8th and Jan meet is in Maidstone on the 19th after those meets all meets will again be on the last Saturday of every month.

As we do not have anyone organizing the meets ALL people wishing to come to a meet must be a member on our facebook group so that they can see who else is going to a meet so they can recognize each other, so that everyone going to a meet can communicate with each other, so you can be invited to the meets and be informed if a meet is canceled or changed.

The facebook group is a closed group which means no one but members can see or read anything that is written on the group, no one but members can see or read about the meets... the only thing non members can see is who is a member on the group and the name of the group which is just ASHA.

If you do not have a facebook account they are very easy to set up all you need is a email address, you can also set a facebook account up in a fake name if you prefer.
You will need to make sure that your profile photo on facebook is a photo of you so that ASHA members can see what you look like so they can recognize you at a meet however if you do not feel comfortable with having a photo of you on your profile we have a private ASHA members album on the group so you can post a photo of yourself on that so only members of ASHA can see it.

If you would like to join ASHA and come to one of our meets then please click the link which will take you to our group, then click join and we will add you to the group and send you an invite to the next meet.

At the moment we only have meets in Kent but when we have enough members in London, Essex, Sussex, and Surrey we hope members can set up meets in these areas too. :)