Where in the UK are we from?

Where in the UK are we from?

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Hey where's East Anglia!!!

I know it's all going to be underwater due to global warming in a few years, but we've not vanished off the map yet! :)

I live up north atm so I voted for North West but I will be returning home now I lost my job.


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Ooo 80 people are from the north west! I'm from there too....but currently living in newcastle whilst studying at uni!!


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Do you have a Geordie accent?

well that kind of comes with it haha my accent has been becoming very popular latley i have no idea why
got a call the other day from my mobile network and the girl was more interested in my accent than anything else HA
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Bedford, though I don't like it here, I'd really like to move somewhere totally different like Ireland or USA or Canada or something. But I don't think i'd be able to find work there very easily, plus have no money at the moment.