Where in the UK are we from?

Where in the UK are we from?

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Hi all,
I'm interested to know where the highest concentration of people with SA is? There seem to be very few people from my area which is really frustrating. I understand that a lot of people with SA just haven't discovered sites like this one, but they're still out there. Has anyone found a more useful means of finding fellow SA sufferers in a given area?
Anyway back to the main question. Where are you from? I just basically would like to try to build up a picture of how we are distributed throughout the country. It might be useful but then again it might not. It's worth a shot though right? Lol.

P.S. I'd really like to hear from people in the East Midlands which is where i'm from. :)


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worrydoll said:
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HIYA!!! I am doing really well babe. Have missed you.

I am taking a counselling course and an English course. I go out all the time. I have been to town alone. I go on buses alone. I participate in my classes. I can talk to strangers. I am still with the love of my life. In effect, I am doing everything that I couldn't a year ago. :D


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From the home counties, but uni in Porsmouth so mostly live there. Does that count as SE or SW? It's right in the middle! :)