what is your favorite soap

best soap

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Eastenders for sure.

Corrie right now isn't as good as it used to be. Hollyoaks has just started getting better though after Calvin got shot :D


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Lol I read this thread as "What is your favorite


Solo veo las telenovelas! :)
pero quando fue chica..

what is this you speak of :p

Lol I read this thread as "What is your favorite

soap is soap!

Me too. I was wondering why I never heard of those brands before :D

move to a normal country :p

Um...I use body wash, and whatever smells good and isn't too expensive :D

soap :p

Bath Gel FTW

that stuff irritates my skin :p

Lost Girl

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What kind of soap do orangutans use?

::p: No idea, but it would absolutely, positively NOT be palm-oil based!

I hate all those soaps in the poll !! only like Home And Away :O

Oh you Australianas and your Home and Away ::p:. I honestly think that show is the most garbage show on television. Neighbours has gone to rubbish as well! Now I watch the UK version of Wipeout instead in that time-slot. I use to love Neighbours ::(: ::(:.

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In the shower, I prefer a bar of soap to the liquid kind, because the latter leaves a film that is hard to rinse away. I suspect that liquid soap is mainly repackaged shampoo.