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  • Ooh that's too bad!! :( Hope they know who it was and he gets persecuted/wisens up not to do that anymore... There are websites for girls to be wise, maybe the family could help with something like that for 'prevention' as a part of 'heritage'/project of healing? To prevent other girls getting into similar fate... My main goal for the Summer is to maintain sanity too... (not sure if gonna be successful?? :rolleyes:) Yeah, it can be partly the hormones... make sure to eat enough magnesium and other important vitamins/minerals/nutrients - you're eating for two now! :)
    ((hugs)) Sorry to hear about it... Was it a car accident? These things can suck, yeah... I lost a few people when they were young too... Hope things get better... It takes time, don't expect yourself to be cheerful... Hope all goes well with the pregnancy!! You're soo BRAVE for having a baby!! :)
    Can't see why anyone would be mad at your hubby, he certainly did the right thing. What else was he supposed to do. You sound like a mother with a good head on her shoulders. This incident made me think of a similar story that I heard about there in the U.K. (graphic picture included) School Girl Bullied And Beaten What can even be done to prevent things like this from happening? Maybe more should follow your method of parenting.

    I'm doing the best I can, thanks. :)
    Forgot to let you know how my exams went while taking your advise.
    I had a book out, and it seemed to work, no-one was looking and I felt a lot better, the only slight problem was that I seemed to be the only one with a book out which made me feel a little uneasy, but all in all it worked, so I want to thank you for the advise./
    I'm very grateful.
    I really hope that homeschooling is a better fit for your daughter. Most likely, I would have preferred a similar style of education growing up because I didn't do well in the normal setting of school (and my mom is a teacher, ha!).
    I'm terribly sorry about what your daughter is going through. She's the cutest thing.
    Shouldn't the school be more understanding with her medical concerns? And what they have done in response to the bullying? I can see why you have frustrations. :/
    I hope her operation goes perfectly well. :)
    Hmm, wondering how I'll spend my day. I've been quite frustrated lately because change hasn't come quickly enough and my life appears to be stuck in cement, at this moment. Tired of these same walls, you know? Does your daughter like school?
    yea im ok lol and you have a cute kid there .... the kid is nearly as cute as me , but not quite lol but yea nearly as cute as me :D
    Just want to thank you for that suggestion about wearing earphones and looking at a book before an exam so I don't draw attention to myself.
    I'm going to do that 2moro, b/cos 2moro my friends wont be there with me.
    I'll let you know how it goes.
    Hey, just checked out your pictures... beautiful family :)
    You mentioned being "stuck" at home for most of the day. If you didn't have to be indoors for most of the day, or if you had some free time to yourself, what would you like to do?
    I like what you said about being a stay at home mom. Oftentimes, people never consider that to be an actual profession, but comparably, I would imagine that it's one of the most difficult things on earth. How has motherhood been? :)
    Yeah, it really helps to have an outlet that is aside from everyday life, so I'm glad you're finding this site useful in some way. From my experience, being indoors for most of the day while only focusing on very little can be so damaging and lonely. As you're probably aware, I haven't been doing too well lately, so this site really serves as my entire support system right now. I don't know what I would do without it. As you can see with my number of posts, I'm on here a little too much, but it's like a cozy little retreat that I can have at any time :)
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