What do you hate most about social anxiety?

what do you hate most about social anxiety?

  • not being able to talk/openly express yourself when u want to

    Votes: 18 13.0%
  • being misunderstood by others (people thinking u r dumb, rude, etc)

    Votes: 23 16.7%
  • not being able to make friends, or keep relationships with others

    Votes: 35 25.4%
  • feeling self conscious (having low self esteem or negative thoughts and insecurities)

    Votes: 28 20.3%
  • having intense anxiety (and anxiety attacks)

    Votes: 16 11.6%
  • feeling alone and helpless

    Votes: 18 13.0%

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What I dont like is that it can create this huge big barrier like I concrete wall away from getting on with life. I mean to even approach opportunities (which has been the experience for me) is a huge task that can be way too hard many times. That is unless Ive really worked on my self-esteem for half a year or so on and prod myself on. It can be alot of energy and yet at the same time it can be too overwhelming wth stress and anxiety even when action is taken. So it can be quite hard and a balancing act.
I hate that I'm so socially awkward and i hate it very badly that i'm not so good at talking (sometimes it goes well though) but i want to be more social with people Don't always want to be the quiet one.

And I hate that i'm not able to live life to the fullest. I'm basically 90% of the same afraid of almost anything.

And I wish I could talk to strangers (like making new friends or finding a girlfriend) I'm afraid I'll never find a lover. :(


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Oh, where do I begin:

1. The fact that I can't form a sentence without stumbling over my words.(This might be the most frustrating aspects of social anxiety)

2. Incapable of making eye contact.

3. That I have to think long and hard before knowing what to say to someone

4. That it's almost impossible to make friends when you're always the odd one out.

5. Being emotionally drained to the point where's there's nothing I'd rather do than lie in bed and sleep all day.

6. The fact that it's extremely difficult to get people to take me seriously.

7. Bottling my feelings inside me for days.

I could list more reasons but I think I've made my point.
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Probably the main thing is that it is often the absolute only thing preventing me from doing things I know I would enjoy and be good at. I have a happy, full life, but there are things I would definitely be doing if not for SA.


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Explaining why I don't want to sit at a table in the middle of a restaurant or be the centre of attention or
cannot perform in front of a crowd. Trying to describe the whole damn thing to an extrovert.


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Explaining why I don't want to sit at a table in the middle of a restaurant or be the centre of attention or
cannot perform in front of a crowd. Trying to describe the whole damn thing to an extrovert.
fuk man... the dreaded dinners. I almost forgot about this.

I hate going out to eat, especially if it's a dinner (because, obviously it's way more food to eat than lunch or snack). My anxiety makes it so I can't eat. Not only does it kill my appetite and makes me full after 3 bites, I have such a hard time swallowing it. It's not uncommon for me to gag on my food as I am trying to eat it, so what ends up happening is that I spit my chewed food in napkins so my family thinks I am eating.

I hate this. It makes me feel so bad about myself. I wish I could just get out of the dinners all together without it making it look like I'm just an a-hole who doesn't like to do anything.
I voted for having low self esteem. But the inevitable embarrassing moments that happen every single time I venture out in public comes a very close second, and the loneliness/lack of fun a close third. I think it all goes back to my self esteem. I feel so bad about myself that I now feel separate from myself, like I just abandoned myself somewhere along the way, and I barely know who I am anymore. I've lost myself. I miss having my own friendship and feeling peace with my own company. Many years ago I felt OK in myself, and I had fun even if I was alone. Now... I suffer from depersonalisation. That's the worst thing, hating myself for those embarrassing moments, more and more as I collect embarrassing moments, and feeling lonely with my own company, because I don't even have myself. I walked away from myself in shame. I'm realising that that is my biggest problem now.