What ails you

I know this isn't the uh, most positive thread, but I'm (morbidly) curious as to what and how many health problems people have. I was thinking about my own and realized I have what I consider a long list of physical/mental ailments. What are yours?
Mine are:

Possibly Generalized Anxiety Disorder
Social Anxiety Disorder
Migraine disorder
Allergic rhinitis
Low arches (not a "condition" per se, but causes foot/leg/back pain)

...isn't my list beautiful? Le sigh.


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Comparatively, I guess I'm blessed with anxiety, depression, near-sightedness, and the occasional bout of insomnia. I'm tired of these things controlling my life and have been trying to develop a better schedule for sleep and exercise. Even if people don't have much respect for me, I can still respect myself.


- 3 major surgeries
- Lumbar disc herniation
- Neck Osteochondrosis
- Horrible migraines because of my Osteochondrosis
- Bacne
- Hormonal issues
- Unexplained heart palpitations
- Used to have severe panic attacks
- Damaged sciatic nerve

still rockin it and thankful for what I am :)


Hie yer hence from me heath!
Cerebral palsy
Constant pain for the waist down (lower back, feet and hips)
Possibly autism...?
Social Anxiety Disorder
Short sightedness
Short-term memory loss / forgetfulness


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Dust allergy/allergic rhinitis: stuffed nose every morning and every now and then throughout the day; the mucus in the nose slides down to the throat, which causes many other problems: often feel like there's too much mucus in throat, might feel like throwing it up (which actually helps because it just sends the mucus to my mouth so I can spit it out); causes nausea often because it doesn't let the air come out of the stomach; also related to this last one, causes acid reflux often. Doesn't allow me to have two flights within the same week or two because I get terrible ear pain on the flight back home. Less important but I also get itchy hands and eyes because of the allergy.

Varicocele, which causes pain if I don't shower the area with cold water after doing certain things. Certainly bothersome in winter.

Something wrong with my bowels, not sure what. It's painful and requires me to lie down sometimes, which I can't do if I'm outside.


Weak teeth, prone to cavities and other problems (already had to do a root canal when I was 20). Gingivitis.

My long term memory is pretty bad, people often ask me "remember when we did this x years ago?" and most of the I don't remember. Could be just because it wasn't important to me, since there's some stuff I remember from many years ago.

Social anxiety, mostly caused by some of the problems above I think.


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Iron deficiency anemia
Post-nasal drip issues - I get a raspy voice intermittently and clear my throat often
Contact dermatitis
Knee ligament discomfort/annoyance which prevents me from doing certain activities, like biking
Medium to severe dysmenorrhea
Fear of intimacy
Social anxiety and general insecurity, although I'm much better off than I was 5 years ago


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Paranoid Schizophrenia
Chronic anxiety

My head sucks but my body is pretty healthy


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General Anxiety
Social Anxiety
Poor, semi-non-restorative sleep (plus I require 10-12 hours a night)
Constant soreness and aches
Poor concentration
Poor memory (long term and short term)
Possible Candidiasis
Crooked/caved in lower teeth
Acid Reflux
Semi-antibiotic resistant infection I can't get rid of (what it's not resistant to might kill my liver)
Self-hatred and negative beliefs about myself

Plenty of other symptoms caused by the above. Of course, some of the above are symptoms of some other things listed above. Everything has kind of gotten all mixed and twisted together and it's hard to sort them out.


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Hm. Things that I've been diagnosed with:

Social phobia
Anxiety (which induces panic attacks)
Suicidal ideation (I struggle with self harm as well)
Complicated grief

Physically, mainly just asthma now. But it's normally under control. I used to have hyperhidrosis but thankfully I've gotten rid of that.

Who knows. There could be more. I've only been seeking answers for a few months now. It's a little bittersweet getting a diagnosis though. Finally you have a name, but now there's proof you're a little broken. :/
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Tendency towards migraines,
Possible aspergers,
Periodic depression,
Periodic insomnia,
I'm far sighted but can't wear glasses prolonged,
Social anxiety disorder,
Avoidant personality disorder,
Tendency towards strong-obsessions,
Hyper sensitive areolas (this sounds funny, but it really isn't,)
Carpal tunnel syndrome in my right arm,
Throat is frequently dry enough to cause clogging/gagging.

For the rest I'm pretty much fine.


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Some of you have some crazy physical pain, too. :sad:

I am relatively healthy, but I do have:

- High blood pressure
- Pains in my left ankle from when I sprained it years and years ago
- Sweating a lot (not hyperhidrosis)
- Tinnitus


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A few years ago I was in a major car wreck that put me in a coma for a month during that time I had:
Aneurism (causing me to lose the use of an eye)
Damage to hearing (has been fixed)


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Generalized Anxiety (let's leave the "disorder" part out, as I disagree that it's a disorder).
Body Dysmorphia (probably, I guess).


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After having an infection in an epidural (Dr. error) during childbirth a ton of stuff spiraled out of control:
nerve damage
myofacial pain syndrome
cluster headaches
raynaud's syndrome
chronic acid reflux and gastritis
restless leg syndrome
thyroid issues
social anxiety

The symptoms that I am left with due to lupus:
chronic pain
severe flare ups of pain and flu like symptoms
mouth ulcers

Sadly, I probably forgot to add some stuff. It's definitely a struggle and probably a major player in my anxiety problems. Can't separate the body from the mind, they go hand in hand. I also read that lupus can cause people anxiety by attacking the nervous system (probably why I have such severe social anxiety now compared to when I was younger.)

Also had some major surgery on my shoulder, and some other surgeries.
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