The positive thread


in a VAN down by the RIVER
Treated myself to some snacks today that I don't usually indulge in: Peach Snapple tea, microwave mac n cheese, a box of Christmas Nerds, Biscoff cookies. Don't worry, I'll get some fruits and veggies in too.

I like the half-and-half lemonade / sweet tea. It’s a staple for me.
My positive thing: My uncle and I are starting a business - he’s got the money and the gumption, and I’ve got the talent, so for the first time in ages I feel like there’s a chance something… non-fictional might happen.

Could this be the beginning of my real life? ha ha
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I talked to a friend on the phone for an hour today. I haven't done that in a long time. I was pretty nervous at first, but it was good. :thumbup:


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^I also spoke to my friend earlier this week, after 1-2 years of silence. I am proud of myself for making an effort to have a vibrant convo, thinking up of topics we could talk about, and providing thoughtful answers/responses. All this doesn't come natural to me because of my natural inclination to be quiet, but if I just stayed quiet then my friend wouid think I'm not interested in her - this wouldn't do her justice. I'm realizing that in friendships (this could apply to other types of relationships as well), both parties have to compromise something to make it work. In my case, I'm forgoing my natural quietness to requench my friendship.

I'm also proud of myself for trying to be positive. Despite some annoyances around me, even though I know people are testing me, I maintained composure and tried to make the best out of my situation. I keep telling myself I want to be a good person, and the first step is to be positive.


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My classes are paradise for offbeat geeks and nerds. Nobody talks about videogames and anime, it's all tips of the tech trades, coursework, and what everyone does for a living. I'm actually interested for once.


I'm very tall (and I really enjoy it), I think I'm funny and creative, I definitively have strong points and awesome ideas I'd like to bring to life.

Who else have some you believe it´s nice about yourself, to share with us???
I am at an age and point in my life where I find myself almost completely alone - and I am actually SAVORING it. I am old (60 - lol ) and figured out I do not need to do anything that makes me uncomfortable any more. :applause:


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Actually I am so funny sometimes..Especially while I got drunk..At that time I make lots of jokes.. If only I get drunk all time..