Steampunk Con (Emerald City)


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I just made this bombass gun for my steampunk costume. I just wanted to show it off.. lol



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That is so freaking cool lol....I'm a huge steampunk fan and that gun transformation seems wickedly neat and well made. Nice job it looks awesome! :)

btw how did u do those little details? I mean the small cogwheel and the nice metal detailing at the top? did you buy separate pieces that were previously trimmed and all or did u cut out the intricate metal design yourself?
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theres a front view


My friend bought a bunch of clock pieces online. and i just glued that cog wheel and a smaller clock piece to a bolt i had hot glued on here. The gold triangle thing was a piece of jewelry.

on the front was an opener for a drawer and in the muzzle of the gun i put a piece from a candle holder and a small light bulb. I still need to over over it and clean it up a bit but im pretty excited. It was my first!


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Oh man! that is awesome!!!!!

And there is a Steampunk Con, I never knew. You just made my day.

A 3D printer is a machine that can print physical objects in 3 dimensions.

Very technical and you need to be able to do 3d cad drawings.


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Cool gun.

If you nee further inspirations: at the WGT festival I go to each year are also always some steampunk people, with really awesome costumes too. So using an image search for "wgt steampunk" would also yield some great results.


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Thanks flansho.

This 3D printer sounds absolutely futuristic.. i just need to take one of those to the convention lol