Should i have deleted him from Facebook?


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Like a lot of people my age i ended up being very stupid and getting into what you could call a "casual" relationship. It was just sex for him but it wasn't for me and i ended up pretty heart broken.

He and i stayed in touch after it was over. He told me that he wanted to stay friends and i did believe him at first. Mainly because he had started a relationship with someone else. It turned out that his idea of friendship was very different from mine. Every time we were alone he would try and touch me inappropriately or say things.

We fell out a few times over it because i found his behaviour confusing as one minute he was saying he wanted to be friends but the next he would act like that when he saw me. Eventually he got engaged to his now wife and i decided to have no more contact with him. For both myself and her (even though i've never met her).
We didn't speak for a long time, maybe a year, then out of the blue he sends me a friend request on Facebook a couple of weeks ago. Seeing as a lot of time had passed i accepted it because i thought things might be different now. I've spoken to him once, very briefly on Facebook, just normal "how are you?'s" etc which i don't have a problem with.

However, he text me Friday evening saying "Hey, i'm back for this weekend x"
i replied "Hi. Oh right, ok?"
He then asked how i was and i just said i was fine and asked how he was. He then text me again Saturday morning and said asked if i was working. I said that i wasn't and he then said that he was glad he was back in town and that he likes being back.

I just said something like "Oh, that's nice". He then started asking how my job was going. I didn't respond until the Sunday because i forgot to answer. I haven't heard anything else from him but i don't like the fact that he's just acting like we can forget everything that happened. He hasn't even mentioned the fact that he got married! He must know that i know because it's all over Facebook.

I removed him from Facebook this morning because he's only spoken to me once and that was the day i accepted the friend request. He sent me a stupid Christmas text this morning which i won't respond to. I'm just worried that i'm going to come across as a weirdo since i accepted him then deleted him without saying anything.


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ya I think you should ignore him. he sounds like a mindless sex addict. he's just gonna try to use you for his own emo-sexual fulfillment.


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He's just trying to use you for sex again and is hoping you are vulnerable enough to fall for his tricks. Don't worry about how you come across to him because he obviously isn't worried about how he comes across to you.


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I think you did right. He has a very weird concept of comminment,if he acts like nothing happened, it's because he wants to keep that relatipnship with you. A friend would tell you about the marriage since it's an important event, he just wants to test the waters.

You should stay away from him because he's just going to keep confusing you. I don't know how imoprtant can be his friendship (in case he just wants to be your friend) and I don't think you want to be his friends with benefits anymore.

Stay away from him. Focus on yourself, he's not good for you. Then, when yo ufeel better, you can get a new bf ahaha, but I think what you did was right.


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Thanks everyone. I still feel a bit guilty for doing it. I haven't heard anything from him so maybe he hasn't even noticed anyway.


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Yeah sounds like a good deal to delete him. He probably wanted a friend with benefits situation.