rate the last film you watched

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Bradley Cooper, Lady gaga
How Lady gaga got oscar nominations for her performance I'll never know.. she was good, but not great. She also had a couple of moments where her acting made me cringe.
Bradley Cooper was great as usual.


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The Ted Bundy interviews on Netflix. Jeez, this guy was evil, he escaped twice whilst on trial, and managed to kill 3 women on the run. He had a chance at a life sentence, but he sacked his council who attempted a plea bargain. 7/10.
Alita - Battle Angel (cinebuzz member early screening) Vmax 3D.
Wasn't actually expecting much from this film but was pleasantly surprised.
Story built at a good pace, good story, amazing animation. Looked great in 3D. Looking forward to the next part.
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Dark Shadows.
Johnny Depp, Eva Green.

I think this film is quite underrated, and Eva Green is ssssssssmokinnnn hot in this! Actually, I'm not sure which one I find hotter, Eva or the old mansion.. :LOL: