rate the last film you watched


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Mommy Dearest 8/10

w/ actor Faye Dunaway playing Joan Crawford. 1981

The abuse scenes are gut wrenching
I still cannot believe that she wrote the poor children out of her will after she abused them for yrs. sick woman.
Looking for Alaska (mini-series) - 6.5/10

I had mixed feelings watching this. Lot's of things I thought were great like the casting and the way particular parts of the book were adapted, but overall I thought it drifted a little farther from the source material at times in feel than I liked. It felt dramatized when it didn't need to be and it felt out of place, at least from the perspective of a (one) person who read the book.


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I've watched these films all throughout my life. Most are great. Especially the one before this, Return of the Jedi. Awesome film.
But there was something uninspiring for me about this, the supposed last film.
Still enjoyed it though.
That's how I've felt about all of the post-original Star Wars films. Return of the Jedi is so great.