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I've been at my job now for 6 years. I remember when I first got there how much I felt like it was the perfect place because everyone was older than I or at least around my age. In my previous two jobs, everyone was younger and going in was like attending junior high school everyday. I loved the older crowd and the vibe where everyone was mature and basically minded their own business. There was no fake requirement to go out to lunch together for the sake of being social yet we were all pretty good friends. Fast forward to now and I just realized everyone who was there when I started has left the company (it's a small company with only 10 of us). The last of the people who was there will be retiring very soon and I will be the person who's been there the longest. One other person who was my favorite sadly passed away a few months ago. The place has totally changed personnel-wise with the majority of the crowd being younger than me. They're a pretty good crowd though, not immature like the people at my prior jobs and the company is a good place to work, but I do suddenly feel like the old-timer there and am amazed at how fast things have changed. That part is kind of depressing. Six years seems like just yesterday yet so much has changed.
Sorry to hear your favorite has passed away a few months ago. I do like older crowds more, like you but a little younger is ok too. I'm glad though that at least the younger crowd is not immature like the people at your prior jobs.


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Really, really, REALLY looking forward to this.
I wasn't sold on the actor chosen for Ellie, but after seeing this I'm hopeful. Apparently the writers have pretty much stuck to the script which is awesome.