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Oh, so I was so wrapped up in my anxiety that in that moment I could not see you decided to undermine me and my management, in front of an external person. You know what, I'm tired of trying to be a manager to a brat who barely shows a touch of genuineness in your dealings with me besides when you need something. I'm starting the ball rolling so I can focus on my work rather than you. Ta, ra (I hope!)
Naw, you’ll no git through to me. You’ll no git me tae see it your way. You’ll no git any sympathy. Cuz I’ve had enough o’ the excuses every-single-fuckin’-time ! Unwilling to change n’ ya expect me to live up to your standards... F%*K OFF !! Why should ah change how I am as person, if you’re no willing to do the same, eh ? You can’t even be arsed to make the effort... :mad:
Eh, I didn’t call you a c*…t, I said you were a lying c*…t because you lied to my face to make me out to be the one who wus in the wrong. When I merely asked if you’d seen something ah could’nae find. Then you conveniently remember that you’d moved the thing ah could’nae find. Oh, and, eh, ya needn’t apologise... :mad:
You... you are summit else, like. Ya really are... How tha f…k did you even make it this far in life, anyway ? Ah mean, given yer attitude. Suppose ya just got by on yer looks, eh? In which case: #MeToo. :LOL: Sorry, just a wee joke, there.

Anyway, why tha f…k did you lose the heid with me cuz you could’nae sign intae yer f…kin’ email... as if that’s somehow ma fault. Or were ya just wanting to feel sorry for ya? Then, ya argued with me over the difference between wireless as in Wi-Fi, and wireless as Bluetooth. Ooh... big mistake ! I’d say sorry fur f…kin’ mansplaining, but ah did take a computer studies course during secondary school. And I know the difference between a laptop n’ a buckin’ iPad. And you... clearly don’t, ya glakit f*ck-nugget.

Guessing ya just could’nae be arsed going: “Oh, thanks, Graeme” when ah insisted upon installing my wireless printer on your laptop so you could print the document you needed to print, either. Nope ! Just the usual angry, overly aggressive response, “Huh! Why dae that ?! How long will it take tae install ?!” :mad: Manners, who tha f…k needs them nowadays, eh?
All with the excuses, huh...? :mad:

Why go ‘ae the effort o’ talking me into going somewhere or doing something, then you turn roon n’ go: “It’s no your fault”
So, a bit o’ advice: next time, keep yer f…kin’ word ! If ye say yer gonnae dae summit, bloody do it. Dinnae waste ma bloody time then laugh it off like a joke. Ya think highly o’ me, d’ye really ? Well, you’d be in fur a shock if ya knew whit ah thought o’ you.


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I love you, and you love me, and we love our children. However, surely you can see that after those moments of anxiety that ruined our days, you can understand why I didn't want to venture out again as I was done. As usual, I ruin everything for all around us. You, and our kids, deserve better than me.
Y’know summit... am quite looking forward to the day Mum dies. Whit d’ye mean, that’s no nice?

Aye, ah’ll miss her, am no saying otherwise. It’s just yous’ll take it harder cuz o’ the way ya treated her at times. Cuz, unlike you pair, ah did’nae bitch at Mum day in, day oot. “Why ye daein’ this? Whit did ye dae that fur?” Naw, ah gave up and accept it after awhile. Cuz it was a losing battle to tryin’ to change things. So ah stopped being a judgemental c__t.

And, no, am no saying we did’nae huv oor fights. Cuz we did. It’s just ah tended to feel guilty enough that I apologised.
Oh, and the only time ah ever used the “You dae f__k all fur me !” line were times when Mum would instantly refuse to help me before she’d even hear what I was going to ask. Never used it to imply she was a $h!% parent, cuz how we turned out is proof enough of that.
Hey Graeme, how come yer still single ?

If ye met the wimmin in my family, you’d understand... it’s no because I’m a right ugly c__t, I assure ye. Though, that helps.
Hey, d’you no think... well, of course ya don’t, but that’s no ma point. Aye, that wus a joke at your expense.

See if you were less distracted by that f__kin’ phone aw the time, and actually paid attention to yer kids, maybe they wouldn’t be acting as they are. But then they take after you anyway, minus the swearing. And ah hate them because of that. Cannae take being telt “No”, well guess what... ya can’t get everything your way aw the time. That’s just how life is...

D’ye think ah wanted to be burdened with the responsibility of taking care of our mother ?

At least you f__kin’ hud a life that you’ll be able to look back on... Me? It’s just been an existence, a $h!tty, joyless “Don’t this, don’t that...” existence. The concerts...? They were merely a temporary escape from the reality of ma life.

Me, happy ? Ha ! Since f__kin’ when, huh? 2016 ? Aye, that’d be about right.
Oh, the f__kin’ irony...

Remember you yelled at me about no huvin’ a clue what it’s like being a single parent 2 years ago ? It’s funny how am the yin looking after your kids every time you bring them to visit me n’ Mum, innit ? Though, that’s hardly surprising since aw you dae is sit on yer arse, staring at yer f__kin’ phone ! :mad: Me, I actually have the decency and enough of an attention span to turn ma heid and actually acknowledge and speak to my nieces when come upstairs to see me. Which would also explain why they refuse to come downstairs when you tell ‘em to. :LOL:

Oh, and whatever ya do, don’t quiz them on who they like more between you, me n’ our oldest sister. Cuz you’ll be last !