Post what you cannot say

“Why ye being like this? Stop it !!”

See instead of asking yer kids to justify their bad behaviour and shouting at them for it, d’ye no think ye might want to take a different approach? Just saying... y’know they’re not old enough to give you that kinda explanation you want to hear, right? Though they are talking back and being misbehaving wee $h!tes already, so... the school years should be fun. :LOL: And the teenager will hilarious... well not for you, but the rest o’ us.

Also, tae f__k with the f__kin’ what makes ‘em tick approach, when they misbehave or do something they shouldn’t get them telt off ! :mad: The more worrying question ya should be asking is, why yer kids tend to listen to me more than you? :unsure:
Awww.... fuck off ! You cannae cope ?! How tha fuck d’ye think we’ve felt for the last 3 fuckin’ years !?

Aw, that’s right, you’re incapable o’ actually comprehending how everyone else feels. It’s aw aboot you, innit? Remember when you hus’nae the nerve to call me overly dramatic for saying ah feel like killing masel’, huvin tae pit up wae you lot ! D’ye ken what it’s like having to live with this family. There a reason why ah don’t hide ma utter contempt fur you lot.

Single mothers make great parents d’they ? Ha ! Aye, right ! Am no seeing much evidence to backup that claim.
Ah think I’ll move to London. Though, I’d be moving solely in the hope some youth, some f__kin’ wannabe grime music artist stabs me. But then that’d likely back fire on me as soon as start a confrontation and they hear me shouting in ma Scotch accent, taunting them. “Mon then pal... f__kin’ chib me ! Go fur the heid !”

Guess ye could say ah just want this troubled, tormented life to end. :cry: I haven’t been happy for a long time, so bother prolonging the misery ? Few joys in life. Ah hate the folk I’m obligated to be around. Hate maself.
Ah don’t think ah wus ever meant to be happy... dinnae think that wus the goal for ma life from day one.

Making other folk happy seems to be my purpose in life. No wonder am so miserable.