Post a random fact about yourself...


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I write with my right hand, but I kick with my left foot. I also use my left hand for the knife, and right hand for the fork (or spoon).


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I love slasher movies.

Not a lot of slasher films nowdays, right? at least not remarkable ones.

2 Facts about me: 1. i love languages but not talking to people xD 2. i'm obsessed with horror in general: games, films, stories, creepypasts, urban legends, etc. tho im very sceptical and i dont believe in ghosts, UFOS and that stuff


in a VAN down by the RIVER
I ate a dozen corn-sticks... just now!

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I am a gamer. Brother got me into consoles when he was a young pre-teen/teen. He grew out of it, I never did. Rockets for life!
I love looking at really old photographs of people, in various stages of life, spanning from the 1860's to 1930's.
Sometimes hundreds at a time.

I consider it a hobby, as I spend an abnormal amount of my free time doing this.

I find it soothing.
I like looking at photos of female actresses from the 1920s-50s. As a kind of game, i try to guess who each photo is, before i read the name (& i wrote a program to do this, which is not yet finished).


You want to know how I got these scars?
I'm probably the most loyal person on the Earth in a world where loyalty doesn't seem to exist or count for much these days.