Post a random fact about yourself...


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:lol: My favorite book is the Adventures of Winnie the Pooh (and the Secret Garden, so hard to decide which I like best, both are awesome) and I believe in God.


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My favourite author is Somerset Maugham, I like Nacho Libre and Sponge Bob and i can do air splits.

I've been stung by a wasp and a jelly fish and i had three stitches on my finger. I had one suicide attempt and a tooth that needs attention.

I have short fingers and lots of faint little stress lines on my palm. I pee alot.


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I hate wearing shoes and the bottom of my feet are tough as heck.

I hate being cold but I hold out as long as I can before I put warm clothes on.

I shave my nipples.


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I fall in love with anyone who shows me the least bit of attention.

And im a PLACEBO fan.


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I fall in love with people who pay me the slightest bit of attention as well
I like insane clown posse
My hands and feet turn dark purple when I'm cold
The movie "The hills have eyes" still scares the crap out of me
My favourite author is Stephen King


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i hate the taste of toothpaste

im supposed 2 be at school right now

im addicted 2 shopping

i cannot gain any weight no matter what i do (( i weight 100 lbs))

idk y we abreviate pounds as lbs lol

im bored 2 death.

i still cant figure out how 2 put my own pic or icon or watever on here instead of the smileys they have

i need 2 learn how 2 type my words all the way out

aaaand im gonna watch ANTM 2nite ((no, tonight, ha there))



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im afraid of flies..once i was making toast and when i came back to go get it after it popped up i saw a fly on the floor in the way of getting to the i spent 30 minutes waiting for it too leave......and after that i had to throw away my toast cause it was
i'm sitting in my art appreciation class while my teacher over webcam takes roll.

annnnd today i'm going to skip swim team practice to go to starbucks with my best friend.

oh, and my favorite band is every time i die.


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let me see.. i suck at love i make people fall in love with me, then i dump them. eh.
ive been called a player // tease so many times but i dont mean to. i think i like someone, and they like me back, then i change my mind and dump them. i fall in love but fall out of love easier i guess.

i think things are 20 times more funnier than they actually are..

i play guitar.. and im learning the drums.

i love music!

im weird and very random. :wink:


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People say Im talented, but I dont see it. I was once in a band that was offered several record deals, but I never signed anything and they ousted me. I guess I felt I would just fail in the end.

I love cats. I wish I were a cat, piled up in a sunny spot all day. Humans are too complicated.


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I like Van Gogh.
I'm a Pisces.
I love singing... when I feel confident..
I've stung people with a needle, and taken their blood at least a 1000 times (and I love it :twisted: ).
I think I'm in love, but I don't want to love him.
I'm addicted to Coca Cola.
I'm type O positive.
I was a tomboy growing up, now I don't know what I am.. :?