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  • Wow.Could have sworn I had answered your message.I have Mellon coli and the infinite sadness.My top ten best album titles ever.Also I have Zeigiest,Adore,Machina of the Gods.But I dont often listen to them to be honest.

    Songs like Starz,thats the way my love is,Zero,tear are some of my favourites my the group.
    This must have been one of the slowest responses ever to one of my mesages.Guess you needed time to think about it.I like slot of Smashing Pumpkins songs.Billy Corgan has one of those distinctive voices that you remember but some people find it anoyying.

    Whats the last album or songs by Smashing pumpkins you listened to?
    Hi.I have a complation album by Faith No more.Songs like mid life crisis on it.Music is something I listen to most days too.

    Some of my favourite bands are Alterbridge,Bush,Guns n Roses,Creed,Smashing Pumpkins, Queen,Shunkansie,Muse,Foofighters and quite a few others.

    I like some rnb artists like M Jackson,Prince also.

    What are some of the best and worse band names you have heard.
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