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Cos! Why a ban I understand a departure but one day to return on all your glories... =/ Well I wish you well mate. Dont be a stranger totally when you feel the time is right, good luck with things you have all the power to succeed in it.
Yeah, this. I don't think people should request to be banned.... :(
Bye Cosmic, It was nice seeing you around the forum, and i enjoyed reading your post. I hope your problem be solved, and I wish you the best in your life and hope for the best! Take care!

Pingu :)


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Bye cosmic, u were the first person to reach out to me and i apppreciate u very much for that. Im sorry if ever said something wrong or out of place i tend to do that unconsiously....but u were a really amazing person and i hope u will remember all of us in a very goood way, i know we all will =)
Thank you all very much for the feedback :)

And absolutely not running. I loved your ice breaker questions. I'm sorry I don't think I answered some of them that well, but I loved them. I loved your poem, your way of thinking, and if you said something "out of place" I think that's a good quality. It's a small great part of what makes who you are and I love you for that. Don't ever change!
You never said anything wrong whatsoever. I loved our e-mails.
Thank you for the very kind words :x


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Why make it so permanent? You could change your mind. I'll miss you. We had a lot in common...weather nerds, dreams, and redneck dads (lol), alcohol and I'm sure a lot more if we had talked more.

This site doesn't help my social anxiety and I didn't think it would. I just come on here to be around people who are like me. Did something happen that bothered you? Did I see you write something about not being "good enough?" You know that's not true. You were always the one to say something nice to make someone's day.

I hope life treats you well and you conquer your demons.


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Hey Cosmic,

I hate it when people get banned too (even if requested). I do understand if you need to recover the sanity a bit and take a break... hope you can come back and tell us all about it then!
This site may be addictive so it may be better in small doses or after a 'holiday' away from it... (if needed)
I don't think anyone here is 'better' than anyone else either... some may have certain problems bigger, others have different life lessons... and things can change any day (or week)...
Everyone has some 'inner demons'... (otherwise they/we probably wouldn't be here... it's what makes us all the more fascinating anyway, no?)

So I hope you'll be allright and doing interesting things in RL... And hope to hear from you now and then maybe? (Maybe via other members if you do get deleted?) I don't want to sign up on another forum grr!! :)
Aw, shucks. I didn't know you very well personally, but I do remember seeing a few post from you so now and then, so you'll definitely be missed. I hope you can find what you're looking for out there.

Good luck, Cosmic. :3
I always end up re-typing what I want to say in these situations where people are leaving the site, whether or not I know that person well. I know I'm not good at these things but I really do wish you the best in life and hope you find the inner peace you seek for yourself. Be strong, believe in yourself, and you will definitely overcome any obstacles in your life.

Best of luck to you Cosmic!


When's the funeral going to be held? Any info would be much appreciated, thank you.....
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